7-Steps The Marketeers’ ‘K2S’ simplifies your Digital Marketing.

Everything your business needs to start growing!

The Marketeers Keys 2 Success package supplies businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs with a fully built package to create/correlate their listing directories and social media accounts. Provide customers with a single location management tool right from your custom website to help maintain your online reputation and track success.

1. The 'K2S' Website

We create a responsive, mobile friendly website that helps viewers learn about your business, build trust, and supply visitors with the ability to purchase or contact you for services. With multiple package offers you can have the ability to fully control your website, design it, or sit back and let The Marketeers handle it all.

2. Directory Listings

Google, Bing, Yelp, Foursquare, YP and over 10 more site. The Marketeers will add your business to all major listing pages with correlated details and information to excel your Search Engine Optimization. Business Dates, Products/services, and details. All for your audience to view and all for you to be seen. Rank higher on Google, Bing and more with Directory Listings.

3. Branded E-Mail Marketing

Professional emails utilizing Microsoft Outlook, The Marketeers will set up your branded email address "yourname@yourdomain.com" and assist you in organizing, installing and creating a signature that attracts reviews and referrals.

4. Social Media

Time management is key for your business/brand's growth, this is why we have added a SMM strategy and tools with our 'K2S' package. You and your team will have the ability to create, schedule, and auto post to all your social media channels and groups as fast as it takes to make a single post.

5. Blogging

Blogging is a great tool to get your story and message out to your audience. Though it is often said to take too long, with the 'K2S' package that is no longer the case. You can write and publish professional blog posts in minutes and share across multiple social media platforms and groups. It's Blogging made simple!

6. Analytics 

Informed decision making with the 'K2S' See real time stats from your social media accounts and website so you can make informed decisions. Knowing your audience will help you manage and strategies your marketing efforts for maximum efficiency.

7. Access Hub

Access all the create features and tools the 'K2S provides right from your website using phone tablet or desktop. With The Marketeers 'K2S' You will have the ability to access your metrics, social media accounts, Social media calendar, your emails and have access to more tools and discounts from one location. You simply sign into your website and you have a marketing dashboard ready to work for you.


Website Creation/Management

The Marketeers get your website working for you. Whether you already have a website or need to get one started The Marketeers can help create winning contact and get your website working for you instead of you working on your website.

Directory Listings

We get your business on multiple directory platforms. Get listed on top sites, including Google, Bing, Yelp, Foursquare, TripAdvisor and Citysearch, PLUS: YP, eLocal, Whois, Locu Places, Merchant Circle, Judy's Book, MojoPages, Cortana, Swarm, YaSabe

E-mail Marketing

Create Campaigns sent by email to reach your followers. Starting conversations and providing updates and news to your audience through a branded email will help your audience stay tuned to your brand.

Social Media

Keep your brand relative and interactive. Giving your business the ability to interact with thousands with a click of a button is a miracle of marketing, The Marketeers provide a platform to help schedule social media post, curate new post you can contact us for Social Media Management.


Share your Ideas with the world! Starting a blog or continually blogging is a great way for anyone to express ideas and share their thoughts with the community. If you want new customers, want to engage followers or just need to spew some ideas into the world wide web, blogging is a sure fire way to get some views and interactions.


User data from websites, social media accounts and listing Directories. Receive a platform from The Marketeers that allows you to view all your user data from one single location so that you are always on top of your game.

Review Portal

See what your customers are saying about your brand. Utilizing The Marketeer solution package is an easy way to review and interact with your customers reviews all from the convenience of one location.

The Marketeers are here to help.

Whether you are a business owner, home owner, or property manager The Marketeers have a solution for you. We believe everything is marketing and marketing is everything. From the clothes you wear to your home/office space to your business marketing surrounds it all, in a sense you are your own brand what you do how you look and how you associate others is all branding. This is why we have created a complete solutions structure that can help every individual get business done and DO BUSINESS BETTER!

Consulting and Management Service Provider

Business Consulting- 

Your brand, Your Vision, Your Goals! The Marketeers consulting partnership helps businesses strategize and adapt. By gathering analyzed data, along with the vision and goals of the brand The Marketeers assist and guide you through every step of the process.

Management Platforms-

Our process is designed to assist businesses with management solutions, from digital solutions to hands-on. The Marketeers can help manage the various aspect of your marketing and business. As well we provide innovative solutions your business can utilize.

Contact Desk

Digital Marketing

From website or social media creation to management, The Marketeers can help you every step of the way.

Creative Services

Content, Content, Content, professional photography and video services for your business needs. Whiteboard videos, headshot/ group photos and more.


from powerpoints and well placed ads that wow potential business partners or clients to providing a secure courier service.

Partner Solutions

We are connecting with some of the best service providers around to help your business thrive.