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Welcome to The Marketeers!

A business service provider located in North Carolina's Heart of the Triad.

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Who are we?


We are The Marketeers!

Since 2015 The Marketeers have assisted with over 500 clients to help them reach their goals. Specializing in Innovative solutions, creative designs, and growth management. We partner with companies to Innovate|Create|Manage custom campaigns. The Marketeers' campaigns are designed to reach partnership goals and visions.

How we got started.

"A simple desire for solutions."

Formed based on a desire for solutions. The Marketeers began after Mr. John Stanley distinguished issues with local companies lacking a thirst for proven marketing and branding solutions to help their business succeed and grow.  Taking a look at why so many businesses were unsuccessful or not reaching their full potential, though they provide great services, something had to be done. With a desire for solutions and a heart to help, The Marketeers were born.


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The Marketeers

Meet Our Team

John Stafford Stanley

Combining all his skills, knowledge, and experience to provide solutions for business owners and brands.

Carolina Perez

Content Manager
With a keen eye for detail and a passion for success, Miss Perez assists with the development and management of our partnerships. Miss Perez Implements strategies that will improve marketing and sales performance.

Zach Thomas

Director of research
Zach thrives on finding the issues that seem unsolvable. With over 10yrs experience in research and development, he helps solve issues and provides insight.