Vinyl Flooring installation with Home Prep. services

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Home and property services

Home solutions with Home Prep.

Selling your home, getting ready for guests or just needing some extra help around the house The Marketeers aim to help individuals be successful, in everything you do.

So you're looking to make some updates to your home, either you want to make a change to your environment or you are looking to profit from an investment by placing your home for sale or rent.No matter your reason for home updates The Marketeers Home Prep. services can assist you to make your dreams reality. We will either be able to complete any small jobs you have or we may contract out large jobs at the best prices utilizing local connections and shopping for the best prices on your behalf.

Pictured above you can see the starting of new Vinyl floor installation, you don't have to sacrifice style to get a low-maintenance floor that takes on traffic, topples and spills with ease. Vinyl flooring lets you transform any room with gorgeously realistic and durable designs inspired by wood, stone, ceramic — and your own imagination.


Custom apparel/uniforms/home products

Need some custom gear made. We provide everything from Custom stickers and phone cases to flip flops jewelry and clothing.

Cleaning Services

Home cleaning by The Marketeers, from washing dishes and doing laundry to sanitation and office cleaning.

Video and Photography

Content, Content, Content, professional photography and video services for your business needs. Whiteboard videos, headshot/ group photos and more.

Home Repairs

Simple home repairs from light bulb replacement to Sheetrock repairs and paint we have a team of skilled individuals with over 80yrs combined experience.

Estate Prep.

Service to help you sell your Listing. Home cleaning, Yard maintenance, home repair, marketing materials, and more.


Landscaping and Yard services to help your property look fantastic.

The Marketeers are here to help.

Whether you are a business owner, home owner, or property manager The Marketeers have a solution for you. We believe everything is marketing and marketing is everything. From the clothes you wear to your home/office space to your business marketing surrounds it all, in a sense you are your own brand what you do how you look and how you associate others is all branding. This is why we have created a complete solutions structure that can help every individual get business done and DO BUSINESS BETTER!

We would love to help you out.

Curious about what all we can do? Contact us today.
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